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Find that show with full-text search on all your stuff

You can use Personal Search by accessing the Shows or Playlists screen. After which, tap on the overflow menu at the upper-left corner and select "Search episodes …". Unlike the search feature on Discover, Personal Search exclusively scans through episodes in your subscriptions and episodes you've added to your playlists.


How does personal search differ from regular search?

Regular search covers our entire catalog, allowing you to locate a particular series or episode. Personal search is scoped just to your stuff - either all of your subscriptions, one particular subscriptions category, or one particular playlist. This is often useful if you remember adding a specific episode to your playlist, or if you want to see if any of your favorite shows have covered a particular topic.

What exactly is searched?

When you search your subscriptions, all active episodes from all your subscriptions are searched, even if they were published years before you subscribed.

When you search one of your playlists, all episodes in the respective playlist is searched.

Both titles and shownotes are searched.