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Make it yours with custom themes

You can change the app's theme by going to Settings > Display > Themes. Choose between preset themes or have more control of the app's overall look by creating your own theme.


Will my themes be accessible on other devices?

For now, themes are local, so they won't automatically appear on other devices. We plan to make all your themes sync in future and even make them publicly shareable if you want to.

Can I further customize existing themes?

Yes, you can make a copy of all our system themes if you want to fine-tune them. You can also copy your own themes. Build your own clone army of themes varying by one color!

What items can I customize?

Like everything in the app, we aim to give you full control, but with intelligent defaults so you can get going as quickly as possible.

Themes have two main properties: primary color and background color. You can actually generate vibrant themes by only setting these, e.g. orange-on-white, blue-on-gold, etc. Our theme wizard considers how to mix your colors as well as possible. You can even pick white-on-white and get back a usable, attractive, interface!

You can go well beyond the theme wizard's properties if you want to, though. There are properties for text color, play icons, navigation, and so on. In fact, many of our system themes are fully customized in this way to give just the right look, and you can do the same. But if you're pressed for time, we think you'll enjoy just picking two colors and watching the theme wizard work its magic!

Can I make Player FM auto-switch to dark or custom theme at certain time?

Sorry, no. You can use different themes on different devices, but no way to automatically switch themes. We plan to make this possible in future.

How many themes can I create?

There's no strict limit on the amount of themes you can create. In practical terms, the interface displays these on a single-row carousel, so you'll probably want to limit to 20 or so.