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Get your feeds updated early and often

Now that you've upgraded, all your subscriptions are fetched with high priority. This means once you subscribe to a podcast series, you're assured to have the latest episode available within 15 minutes. This also applies to all your existing subscriptions.


Do I need to keep special settings to take advantage of this feature?

Our servers will already be fetching your subscriptions more frequently, but to get the full benefit, you'll want to set your update interval to 15 minutes in Connection and Account Settings. This option is automatically unlocked when you upgrade.

How much faster will my subscriptions be fetched?

Most of your subscriptions will arrive four times faster with this upgrade, meaning if you see your publisher tweet about a new episode, it's more likely to already be sitting on your device.

Our servers will prioritize fetching your subscriptions so they are polled with the same priority as we fetch popular series, i.e. every 15 minutes instead of every hour. Additionally, your device will also be able to sync every 15 minutes instead of every hour.

Note this setting won't affect series that have been broken or inactive for a long time. We'd rather focus efforts on continuously fetching series that are likely to be publishing, so those series continue to be fetched at less frequent intervals until they "wake up" with an update, at which time your priority setting will indeed come into effect.